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Since 1979, theEcomuseum of Viroinundertakes to collect, inventory, and transmit the oral memory of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, and by extension of rurality. Know-how, craftsmanship, daily life, memories; through its rich heritage collection, theEcomuseum of Viroinwants to preserve a trace of a past that is still very much alive. Extracts...

Interview with Léon Colle on his experience in the clog-making industry in Nismes (interview dating from the end of the 1980s)

Mr Colle Léon N°190 mechanical clogs

Viviane Lemaire (Album of Viviane Lemaire)

Interview with Gilbert Parizel on his experience of the slate industry in the 1960s (interview from April 2015).

Gilbert Parizel - The slate pits

Viviane Lemaire

Simone Manouvrier Leroy alias Del Goulette, Walloon poetess and writer from Olloy recounts her experience of the forest in her youth and at the time of the interview (1978).

Simone Del Goulette

Viviane Lemaire (Album of Viviane Lemaire)

Find us, as well as the other players in the preservation of oral memory in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on the online

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