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A Castle.. A Farm! 

The castle-farm of Treignesoffers its visitors a complex of buildings of very different ages. The first stone of the farm-castle of Treignes was laid at the beginning of the 16th century. Initially, a simple tower for the defense and affirmation of seigniorial power, the extensions of the 17th and 18th centuries confirm the gradual reorientation of the building into a farm: stables, servants' quarters, family dwelling, dairy, etc. In 1979, an arsonist undermined this beautiful architectural ensemble by burning down the imposing barn, of which only rare photos and the preserved ruins can maintain the collective memory. In 1983, the building was bought by theFree University of Brusselsto install what will become, after 10 years of restoration work,the Viroin Ecomuseum. 

Since 1983, the buildings, like the surrounding green spaces, have been classified asheritage of Wallonia.

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