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Donnay, The Legend

In 1981, the company Donnay SA, established in Couvin, in the province of Namur, was at its peak. It was the world's leading producer of tennis rackets. 1.8 million racquets, almost all made of ash wood, left the factory that year and found their way to courts around the world. 

The brand was then carried by Bjorn Borg, mythical world No. 1. It is this story, this economic miracle, this still living legend that this book tells, based on an incredible and passionate research work by Michel Guilluy and written by Louis Maraite, journalist.

Book of 128 p.

Exhibition catalog. 

Rate :15 € (+ shipping costs)

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"The Kitchen? Child's Play"

"The Kitchen? Child's Play"explores the fascinating world of miniature cookers. Today, true collector's items, miniature cookers were for a long time the favorite toys of little girls in Western high society. 

The book traces the long history of the kitchen and the rise of the phenomenon of miniature cookers in the middle of the 19th century. The catalog ends with the presentation of the 153 miniature cookers of the Viroin Ecomuseum.

Book of 224 p. richly illustrated. 24cm 17

(Exhibition catalog)

Rate :19 € (+ shipping costs)

The Rye

A rich and voluminous study on the Rye: its particularities, the history of its culture and its representation through time and peoples.

Book of 253 p.

Rate :10 €2 €(+ shipping costs)


Heroes of yesterday, heroes of today

Firefighters...This term alone irresistibly evokes the fight against fire, against fire. However, in French, this word only refers to users of a machine used since Roman times for the fight against fire: the pump. 

The book presents the technical developments and the particularities of a profession unlike any other.

60 p.

(Exhibition catalog)

Rate:6€2 € (+ shipping costs)

Spins of Wheels

It was the wheelwright who made the wooden wheels for wagons, carts and wheelbarrows.Is it necessary to recall the essential role of means of transport in the village economy? It was also the wheelwright who made the wooden parts of plows, harrows and other agricultural implements, it was he who also built the wheels of water mills... 

Book of 64 p.

(Exhibition catalog)

Rate :5 € 2 €(+ shipping costs)

Hoof ! A story...

In the 19th century and until the 1950s, clog-making (artisanal then industrial) was one of the most important trades in southern Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. Hundreds of thousands of clogs were produced in Nismes and the surrounding area.

The book presents the rich history of clog making in the south of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse.

Book of 252 p., 428 photos and drawings.

24x17cm. [exhibition catalog]

Rate :16 € (+ shipping costs)

Viroinval's heritage

To know everything about the astonishing heritage of Viroinval...

Price: 6 € (+ shipping costs)

Tôône puppet theater

The Royal Theater of Toone is a traditional puppet theater in Brussels, active since 1830.

Rate : 7.5 € 2 €(+ shipping costs)

Milk and its derivatives. 

Origins and rise of an industry

This work traces, in a first part, the technical innovations and the scientific discoveries which allowed the rise of a dairy industry and, in a second time, the rise and the development of the dairy industry during the 20th century. in the south of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse.

Book of 224 p.

Rate : 20 € 2 € (+ shipping costs)

Industries in the countryside, wood processing

Price: 15 € (+ shipping costs)

Bouyon's patois

This essay on the patois of Bouillon has no other purpose than to constitute a sort of archive, however modest it may be, of a patois which is falling into disuse...

Book of 224 p.

Rate : 10€ 2 €(+ shipping costs)


Under the sign of the hammer and sickle

The October Revolution celebrated its centenary in 2017. The Écomusée du Viroin invites you to (re)discover this major event in our contemporary history from the angle of its symbolism: the sickle and the hammer.

Symbol of the union between the peasant and worker world in the perspective of a revolution which was intended to be social and universal. The catalog traces the technological and cultural evolution of these two major tools of the human adventure which will come to mark at the beginning of the 20th century the red flag of many social movements throughout the world.

Book of 136 p.

(Exhibition catalog)

Price: 10 €(+ shipping costs)

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