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Contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our collections

Every personmajorcan make a financial donation toEcomuseum of Viroin. 

Donations are used in a non-exhaustive way to:

-promotethe rural heritage of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse through our activities, events, exhibitions, etc. ;

-developbeautiful cultural projects by listening to you;

-maintainin its current state, the site of the Château Ferme de Treignes, classified as a heritage site in Wallonia

-Ensurethe meticulous restoration of machines and tools in the collections;

- Help fund original research carried out in collaboration with ULB 

Restoration of a McCormick mechanical mower (early 20th century)

CollarViroin Ecomuseum restoration

Bank details


63, Rue Eugene Defraire 5670 TREIGNES

BE92 0682 2250 7923


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